Community Engagement Report

In October 2021, icona published a new community engagement report that summarized our efforts to date in co-creating a vision for the Anmore South lands. Collaboration with the residents of Anmore and stakeholder groups has been integral to our efforts, and we are proud of the vision we continue to explore and refine with ongoing input from these participants. 

The engagement efforts focused on exploring the potential of Anmore South stretch back to 2014. More recently, between June and October 2021, icona engaged 500+ residents and stakeholders through neighbourhood Q&A meetings, one-on-one discussions, a co-design workshop series and a community showcase event that invited additional community input into the ideas of Anmore residents.  

This represents an unprecedented level of community participation, with more than 31% of the population of Anmore taking part in the plans for their community. 

A summary of these engagement activities and the outcomes they generated to date is available in the new report, including the 10 themes that have emerged as priorities for the participants. Together, these themes tell a story—a story of the kind of community Anmore residents want to create — a complete community in nature. 

This report was distributed to the residents of Anmore in print format and is also available digitally online. See the community engagement report here.  

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