Message from Tony Cai, Founder and Greg Moore, President of icona

We are pleased to submit the Official Community Plan Amendment Application for Anmore South. This comprehensive submission is a follow-up to the previous November 2021 submission. Over the past two years, we have been dedicated to engaging with, listening to, and gathering input from a variety of residents and stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive and well-informed application.

At icona, we are committed to supporting a sustainable future for the Village of Anmore starting with a bold vision for Anmore South. Drawing on the natural setting as its key design inspiration, Anmore South’s 150 acres represent a unique and rarified opportunity to do things differently. By adhering to the principles of people-centered design, our vision for Anmore South is predicated on the principles of sustainability and sensitively managing growth to foster a more complete community within Anmore while retaining the Village’s semi-rural character.

Our Commitment

Our Values

The Drivers that Define Our Culture


We pursue the full reimagining of development. We embrace technology, learn from others and chart new approaches to solving big challenges, continuously improving efficiency and experience.


We forge authentic relationships with our partners, friends and neighbours, championing diversity and inclusion. We are good citizens who care deeply about climate change and the environments in which we build.


We are relentless problem-solvers and navigators. We apply expertise and innovation to find smart solutions that bring transformative, visionary projects to life.


We think on a planetary scale to drive transformation at a human level. We are audacious thought leaders with the courage to realize our most ambitious dreams.

Our Principles
Enliven Place

Animate visionary change. Transform experience. Sustain through brilliance, invention, endurance.

Enliven Planet

Celebrate spirit and balance. Preserve and evolve. Build in and of our environment—from the ground up.

Enliven People

Craft being and belonging. Foster change and growth. Produce lasting togetherness.


Meet Our Team

The people of icona are intentionally diverse, passionately committed and exceptionally talented. Together, our leadership and consultants are driving transformation at human scale.


Assisting icona in the preparation and submission of the proposed OCP Amendment requires a team of seasoned professionals bringing the required technical expertise, community planning, and public engagement skills for such a complex undertaking as Anmore South.

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