Community Engagement

Co-designing a community in nature

In the summer of 2021, icona completed a series of community co-design workshops led by the Co-Design Group. 

These workshops were designed to collect the ideas and insights of Anmore residents and co-create a vision for the future of the 150-acre area known as Anmore South. As the owner of the site, icona Properties is committed to exploring a broad range of ideas that have the potential to enhance this already extraordinary village. 

Invitations to participate were sent to every Anmore resident, and we were able to coordinate a total of six workshops that took place between August 26th and September 19th, 2021. In total, 60 people came out to share their own ideas and hear those of their friends and neighbours. 

Putting pen to paper.

During these workshops, participants shared their ideas for the future of the Anmore South lands with a team of professional community consultation artists. The artists turned these ideas into visual concepts during the session. Participants then reviewed and voted on the output to identify the collective priorities.  

icona partnered with the award-winning Co-Design Group to ensure the workshops were led by one of the world’s foremost community engagement specialists. The Co-Design Group is an association of architects, designers and researchers who possess unique skills in facilitating and drawing.  

This consultative process gave Anmore residents an opportunity to provide early input, share their personal vision for Anmore South, and see that vision come to life.  

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