A Complete Community in Nature

Imagine a community that preserves a semi-rural way of life while bringing daily pleasures and conveniences closer to home.

The Vision

Neighbourhood Vision

The Vision for Anmore South is predicated on principles of sustainability, sensitively managing growth to foster a more complete community within Anmore while retaining the Village’s semi-rural character.

Sustainable Growth

The OCP Amendment provides the framework for the phased development over 25 years of a sustainable mixed-use village set within the forest – structured according to walkable neighbourhoods, connected parks and trails, offering a full range of housing forms.

Complete Community

Contributing to a more complete Village, Anmore South envisions a vibrant neighbourhood heart including local grocery, shops and services, a community centre, and a market square – providing local employment and allowing Anmore’s retail spending to stay in the community. Protecting what’s important, the OCP Amendment seeks to publicly dedicate ~47% (28.7ha | 70.9ac) of the land as neighbourhood parks, greenways, and natural areas with enhanced ecosystems – reflecting the best of Anmore.


Bringing the vision to life

icona has undertaken extensive public engagement to date, with community input playing a vital role in identifying and defining priorities and values to create a Made-in-Anmore neighbourhood where residents can live, work and play in nature.


    OCP Amendment Application

    May 2023

    The OCP Amendment outlines and establishes the new community vision and neighbourhood planning requirements for the Anmore South lands.

    • Provides a framework and policies for the phased development over 25 years
    • Offers a full range of housing forms to support a vibrant and diverse community

    Community Open House

    april 2023

    The open house provided the community with an opportunity to become familiar with the proposed vision for Anmore South, which has been developed in consultation with Anmore residents

    • Over 150 people attended
    • Over 50 public feedback surveys on the proposed OCP Amendment were collected

    Community Discussion

    Aug 2021 – Jan 2023

    This engagement process gave Anmore residents convenient, meaningful opportunities to provide input, ask questions and contribute.

    • 6 Co-Design Workshops, 1 Community Showcase, 3 Neighbourhood Sessions
    • 4 Keynote Presentations, 3 Focus Groups

Fast Facts

Anmore South Benefits

Growth and change over 25 years


Range of Housing Tenures including rental + below-market units, with Anmore Resident-First policy


25,000 sf Community Centre
in Mixed-Use Village


9.3 ac Neighbourhood Park

>4 km Accessible Greenways + Trails

48% of site preserved as green space


Generates Positive Cash Flow for Anmore leveraging tax revenue, DCCs + CACs to ensure development pays for itself

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icona Properties represents a fundamentally different approach to real estate development. Our mission is to transform communities and create places that matter through creativity, community, tenacity, integrity and vision.

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