Community Notice: Access Path

As the private landowner of Anmore South, icona has commissioned a geotechnical engineer to conduct a geotechnical and groundwater site assessment which involves collecting core test samples to ascertain the soil properties of the area. To complete the sampling, an access path is required for their geotechnical equipment. The access path will be constructed utilizing existing pathways and previously cleared areas. While we strive to preserve the landscape, there may be instances where, after careful consideration, removal of shrubs or tree(s) becomes necessary. Please rest assured, if such cases arise, we will diligently follow all protocols as outlined by the Village of Anmore. The access path and geotechnical work is scheduled to commence on September 25th and will take place over several weeks.

icona’s commitment to the environment remains steadfast and as such, we have coordinated closely with an environmentalist on this project to ensure that the work is executed with the utmost care for the ecosystem, without disruption to nature and outside of nesting season. 

Thank you for your understanding as we conduct the testing necessary to fulfill our vision for a complete community in harmony with nature. As always, please contact should you have any questions. 

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