A Community in Nature: Visioning document published

A vision is taking shape to guide the development of 150 acres of land in Anmore, and we are inviting residents and stakeholders to collaborate with icona to make this vision a reality. 

To kick off the collaborative process, we published a visioning document to illustrate some of the initial ideas inspired by early conversations with residents. This document was distributed to every Anmore resident. 

After engaging residents in an initial dialogue, it’s clear that there is a strong interest in exploring a vision for Anmore South that goes beyond the development of an urban sprawl of single-family homes. We would like to take this discussion to the whole community.  

When I first walked these lands, surrounded by the Burrard Inlet, the mountains and regional parks, I quickly understood that this is a very special place. We need to find a way to protect its extraordinary nature while creating a complete community that supports and improves the quality of life for its residents.

– tony cai, icona founder

To date, residents have told us they want housing diversity that gives them options for downsizing and aging in place. They want a community that brings amenities closer to home. And they want to preserve and enhance the natural environment, with protections for the local ecology and nature trails that make the forests more accessible for all. We listened to these ideas and used them to establish the starting point for a new vision for Anmore South. It is this vision that we shared in the visioning document, and we invite you to continue to explore the possibilities with us. Join our mailing list to stay informed, learn about upcoming community consultation events and share your input. 

By sharing these ideas with the Anmore community, we can begin to identify the priorities—including a choice of housing types, water and wastewater infrastructure, nature preservation and other village amenities—that will shape ongoing conversations. 

We are excited to continue exploring the potential of these extraordinary lands. Click here to view the full document.

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