Anmore South Infrastructure Overview

Liveable Street Network 

Anmore South is building a complete network of local and collector streets tailored to suit their purpose. This Liveable Street Network respects the local ecology and topography, employing landscape buffering, traffic calming, and pedestrian-oriented design.  

Sustainable and Multi-modal Transportation in Anmore South 

Anmore South, conveniently located within a short distance to regional transit centers, is actively encouraging sustainable travel modes as an alternative to private vehicle usage. A comprehensive Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategy is being developed, encompassing measures such as a strategic partnership with Translink, transit access improvements, provision of shared bicycle fleets and bike storage facilities, the potential for reduced parking rates, car share programs, and sustainable transportation education. In addition, Anmore South’s transportation strategy adheres to design principles prioritizing pedestrians, cyclists, and accessibility.  

The mobility network will feature pedestrian and cycling connections accessible to users of all abilities, with specific grades targeted to ensure ease of movement. Street networks will safely and efficiently integrate with sidewalks, multi-use paths, and trails, while featuring design aspects such as dark sky lighting, accessible rest stations, and “car-light” planning principles, including plenty bike parking and Level 2 electric vehicle charging facilities.  

With an aim to foster interconnectivity between streets, trails, and greenways, the proposed transportation network will promote active, multi-modal transportation forms. The exact layout of new local roads will be determined during the development process, while a network of high-quality trail loops will connect neighborhood parks, open spaces, commercial nodes, and other key destinations. The overarching plan is to create a transportation environment that is flexible, inclusive, and sustainable, catering to the needs of the entire community. 

Conceptual Civic Water, Sanitary, and Rainwater Systems in Anmore South 

Anmore South’s proposed Water, Sanitary, and Rainwater Systems cater to its unique location and topography, aiming to conserve water and energy resources, respect the environment, and maintain the semi-rural character of existing Anmore neighborhoods. Prepared by Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd., these conceptual systems will be subject to further detailed engineering design and analysis during the neighborhood planning stage. 

Anmore South Conceptual Water System 

The planned Water System will connect Anmore South to the Metro Vancouver regional water infrastructure at Anmore South’s southwest corner. The water system, divided into five pressure zones to accommodate Anmore South’s complex topography, will include elements like feeder main, distribution main, two booster pump stations, six pressure reducing valves, and proposed blowoffs at each of the end pipes. 

Anmore South Conceptual Sanitary System 

The Sanitary System design includes a sanitary main that drains by gravity to the southwest corner of the site, which will be connected to the Metro Vancouver regional sewer system.  

Anmore South Proposed Rainwater Drainage System 

The Rainwater Drainage System will be designed to collect and slow down release of precipitation, allowing for infiltration and recharge before distributing water back to on-site streams and wetlands. Using detention facilities, post-development flow rates will be limited to match peak pre-development rates, protecting creeks and aquatic habitats from potential scouring and impact. This layered rainwater management concept will follow best practices for water quality and quantity management, using on-street retention and infiltration, and neighborhood detention ponds prior to release into natural creeks.