Anmore South Housing Composition

Housing Diversity 

Anmore South is committed to fostering a vibrant, mixed socio-economic and age community by offering a broad range of housing forms. With emphasis on maintaining natural forest areas, homes are strategically placed to promote connectivity and community spirit. Compact housing solutions aim to reduce infrastructure networks costs, facilitating the conservation of natural character and landscape. 

Housing Types  

Recognizing the community’s need for various housing types, sizes, and tenures, the Anmore South OCP Amendment facilitates housing options ranging from single-family homes to townhomes and mid-rise apartments. These diverse housing types cultivate a dynamic community experience, accommodating growth with a plethora of lifestyles, life stages, and income levels. The residential land use designations include: 

  • Ground-Oriented:** Detached single-family homes and duplexes. 
  • Multi-Family:** Townhomes and/or mid-rise apartments. 
  • Mixed-Use:** Mid-rise apartments above ground-level retail and office spaces, creating vibrant, pedestrian-friendly residential and commercial neighborhoods. 

Population and Unit Projection  

The Anmore South OCP Amendment sets the foundation for a sustainable, mixed-use community development with a walkable scale. The total estimated housing yield for Anmore South is 3,100-3,500 homes, projected to house a population of 5,100-6,700 over approximately 25 years. 

Housing Tenures and Programs  

Anmore South seeks to provide housing tenures and programs currently unavailable in the Village of Anmore. These include rental and below-market units, with a commitment of 15% rental housing, of which 20% will be rented at below-market rates. This initiative is geared towards promoting affordable housing in the area. 

Special programs include dedicated housing units for Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department firefighters and an Anmore-Resident-First program aimed at supporting first-time homebuyers, enabling them to continue residing in Anmore. 

The expected build-out pace of Anmore South averages approximately 70 units per year for the first five years, thereafter, increasing to roughly 150 units per year.