A Vision for Community Growth and Sustainability

Neighbourhood Structure 

Anmore South is envisioned as a three-tiered community, each level spanning around 50-60m in elevation, reflecting distinct landscape identities and character. The three levels are: 

  • Upper Level (110-170m):** Aligning with the elevations of existing Village neighbourhoods like Anmore Elementary School, Ravenswood Drive, and Fern Drive, completing the surrounding area. 
  • Middle Level (60-110m):** Creating a unifying link across the neighbourhood and offering a mixed-use village centre. 
  • Lower Level (10-60m):** Establishing the western gateway of Anmore with land suitable for active parks and recreational activities. 

Each level shares a common vision: walkable neighbourhoods with direct access to natural open spaces. 

Community Facilities 

The proposed Community Centre in Anmore South is a 25,000 sq. ft facility, designed to be inclusive and accessible for all community members, featuring a multifunctional hall, socializing areas, fitness center, and outdoor amenities within an integrated park and trail network. This facility is strategically positioned to fill the current lack of public amenities in the Village, aiming to foster community identity, promote health and wellness, and serve as a catalyst for active living and community spirit. 

Neighbourhood Parks  

The proposed network of Neighbourhood Parks in Anmore South is designed to cater to a diverse array of community needs, featuring tranquil spaces for reflection, active recreational areas like playgrounds and sports fields, community gardens, and outdoor classrooms, all conveniently accessible by foot or bicycle from local homes. Spread across six locations, these parks, which will occupy 3.8 hectares of active parkland, will be carefully planned and programmed in consultation with the community, ensuring a park within a five-minute walk from every home in Anmore South. 

Integrated Greenways and Trails 

Anmore South is set to feature an integrated trail network that provides active opportunities for residents to immerse themselves in nature, partake in physical activities, and socialize, whilst being able to access community destinations without the use of a car. The neighborhood’s proposed trail and pathway system, a defining attribute of the community, includes over 3km of dedicated multi-use trail that not only connects residents to various destinations but also serves as an educational platform through interpretive signage about cultural and ecosystem values. The East-West and North-South Village Greenways, along with over 2km of Community Pathways, will interlink individual neighborhoods to natural areas, civic destinations, and Anmore’s existing trail system, with specific configurations and programming to be decided through neighborhood planning with community input. 

Neighbourhood Commercial 

Anmore South’s mixed-use designation will provide for neighbourhood shops and services within walking distance of homes. The Central Mixed-Use Village and the First Avenue Commercial Node are expected to diversify the municipal tax base, creating new local employment opportunities. This mixed-use area is future-proofed to adapt to emerging trends, supporting a wide range of employment options. 

In summary, Anmore South sets a vision for a future where community and nature intertwine. By cultivating a diverse, walkable village that enhances local livelihoods while championing significant preservation of green spaces, it embodies the harmonious balance of progressive growth and sustainable living.